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Seo Detail

100% Quality Traffic by placing your Website in Google Page #1.

Search Engine Optimization

This is a proposal on the strategy, analysis, and optimization recommendations. Every business is different and therefore, we want to work with you to understand your needs in order to deliver results that are satisfactory to you. Once I get to know your expectations, I will create a proposal tailored to your needs.

Search Engine Optimization services:

Indexing Analysis & recommendations Index Analysis reviews your website content for potential errors and problems for search engines.

This includes:

  • Duplicate Content
  • Content very similar or duplicate of existing content in the index
  • Lack of "Speaking" urls (structured Url's)
  • Canonical Issues
  • Robots.txt exclusions
  • Product Reviews and Ratings – A Must for any product based company as 78% of sale actually depends on this.
  • Sitemaps

Domain Analysis & recommendations

Domain Analysis reviews your domain for potential errors.
This includes:

  • Internal linking structure
  • HTML and page layout Title/Meta Tags

Social Media Recommendations

Social Media continued to grow in 2011 and now over 53 percent of people globally added to social networks everyday. In America, two-thirds of online adults use social media platforms such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Myspace or LinkedIn. Social Media is no longer the thing that hip young kids use. Rather it has become something everyone participates in daily. Not only is it extremely important to create company presence on these social platforms, but integrating social media tools in your website and blog is must. We will be working on the major social medias like,